Project 2010-2012

Trading Today for Tomorrow

We are 7 partners from 6 European countries:

  • Germany – Berlin
  • Scotland – Johnstonebridge
  • Austria – Mils bei Imst
  • Poland – Barlinek
  • Estonia – Maarja
  • Turkey – Bayindir and Izmir

At last we are working again! The project "TRADING TODAY FOR TOMORROW" has been approved and the partners from Germany, Scotland, Austria and Estonia have started already. We are hoping that our Polish partner school will get the funding soon. If not they will take part on their own costs as will the Turkish partners. That really shows deep interest and good friendship we have gained over the last years.
Please read below what we are going to do and work on!


Trading Today for Tomorrow will encourage our staff and pupils to explore a new way of teaching and learning a foreign language. By using the story-line approach to create a real, shared experience we will build communication around an enterprising / trading / business theme. As an important part of this we will encourage the development of healthy attitudes towards personal lifestyles, including health and fitness. The emphasis throughout the two years will be on becoming active, communicating, contributing European and Global citizens.

The working project will take us through learning how to trade (for our youngest pupils) and develop financial awareness and business skills (for older pupils) whilst promoting ethical, sustainable and fair trade for the future. It will afford us the chance to look at supporting language development as a working cluster of European schools. Pupils will be active partners in this project from the start. They will be involved in the structure and ideas of their trading community and be helped to assess and evaluate their own progress / confidence in using a foreign language.

In the first year we will use the ‘story-line’ idea to take the pupils into a new identity. Each child will make a passport and this will be gradually developed over year one to hold core support foreign language vocabulary to enable communication and trade to take place between the pupils & staff from each country. We will also begin to develop a Virtual Trading Centre (VTC). In year two we will learn enterprising business skills and develop real trade between ourselves and others. Finally, we will work together to produce an ethical future trading code. Pupils of all abilities will participate in the project.

grafik · realisierung · hosting – Volker Siebert, Berlin 2013 – mediafactum.